Tianchi One-stop Cloud Security Solution

Under the background of increasing application of new technologies like big data, AI, cloud computing and IoT, and the development of IoE, cybersecurity will continue to face new and more sophisticated security challenges. With the arrival of “Belt and Road” age, network technology will accelerate its development, criminals, especially terrorists and extremists, will have lowered learning costs for launching cyber attacks. It is particularly important to ensure security.

Tianchi Comprehensive Cloud Security Solution (Tcloud) aggregates DBAPPSecurity's 10-year security capability, empowers cloud security including cloud-based monitoring, cloud-based defense, cloud-based audit and big data analysis for cloud platforms and tenants, enables comprehensive security protection for customers, and provides one-stop cloud security solution for critical systems that integrates full lifecycle (before, during and after security events) measures and threat intelligence.

Applicable scenarios

For private cloud

For users who build security systems for private cloud, Tcloud empowers a unified cloud resource pool for the cloud platform, provides a full lifecycle cloud security solution for the users, and secures both the cloud platform and business running on the platform.

For traditional IT data center

For users who build security systems for data center, the security capabilities required for the data center can be directly provided and managed by Tcloud.

Tcloud integrates multiple security capabilities and features, avoids resource overuse due to accumulation of hardware, and secures business systems.


Secure --- Build a defense-in-depth security system to form a one-stop cloud security solution

Stable --- Provide a stable and reliable security protection system to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

Flexible --- Security capabilities expand elastically on demand, reducing one-time investment

Easy-to-use --- Security services are ready to use, reducing the cost of purchase, deployment, operation & maintenance, and communications.

Intelligent --- Forms an intelligent protection system; security policies are automatically adjusted based on big data analysis to relieve human intervention.