Xuanwu Shield SaaS Solution

One-stop SaaS mode protection that integrates “monitoring before events + defense during events + tracing after events”, the only cloud-based defense system for the Belt and Road portal Xuanwu Shield adopts comprehensive web security lifecycle solution. Before security events, its cloud monitoring module monitors users’ websites. During security events, users can diverge netflow to the mitigation nodes by changing DNS mappings, without any need for deployment. User visits will be routed to the nearest nodes, and undergo mitigation for volumetric DDoS, application layer DDoS, SQL injections, XSS and other attacks in the cloud. After security events, visualized reports and statistic reports supported by big data analysis will be generated for trace and track. Data analysis and review is also available on cloud management service designed for mobile APPs.   For websites that are accessed to Xuanwu Shield, DBAPPSecurity provides 7*24 monitoring service to monitor security issues like website availability, application vulnerability. For and website vulnerability or outbreak of large-scale 0day attacks, Xuanwu Shield will apply virtual patches. It also uses big data technique to analyzes massive logs to timely identify and process false positives and false negatives.   Values: Zero deployment, zero operation & maintenance, relieved workload; 7*24 security assurance, zero-delay emergency response; Full lifecycle service, all-around security; Big data analysis support, intelligent monitoring and defense.