To solve the problems of urban development and achieve sustainable urban development, a wave of "new smart cities" is being created in the world. As an indispensable and crucial part of process of the smart city construction, “cyber security” has already constrained the pace of smart city construction. In order to solve the security problems such as "cloud platform security", "big data security" and "IoT security" faced by smart cities, DBAPPSecurity has fully investigated the security status of smart cities including San Diego, Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo, combines the commonalities of the development of smart cities at home and abroad, and specifically customizes smart city security solutions for countries along the “Belt and Road”. In order to solve the security issues such as virtual network boundaries, sensitive data leakage, untrusted cloud platforms, and unclear operational security situation faced by smart cities, a security system for the basic platform of smart cities should be built and improved. DBAPPSecurity can provide comprehensive security deployment of the smart city's perception layer, application layer, system layer, data layer, platform layer, network layer, and physical layer, and is capable of building a city-level smart city security situation awareness platform that can deliver big data security monitoring platform, providing effective intelligent monitoring before the events, intelligent protection during the events and intelligent audit after the events, forming a comprehensive and open new pattern of smart city security protection, and improving the overall security defense capabilities of smart city.

DBAPPSecurity is dedicated to promoting the development of smart cities in countries along the “Belt and Road”, and building smart city-oriented cloud security, cloud protection, cloud audit, cloud services and other innovative security products to provide "nanny-style" smart city security solutions for relevant countries.