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DBAPPSecurity SaaS Products Available in Alibaba Cloud
In the Computing Conference --- 2016 Chengdu Summit, DBAPPSecurity unvailed its closer strategic cooperation with Alibaba, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies.  DBAPPSecurity officially announced the availability of its two flagship SaaS products, Xuanwu Shell and Feitian Mirror, in Alibaba Cloud.
XuanWu Shell is a real-time protection platform for web application service. It integrated four core functionalities: DDoS attack mitigation, WAF, real-time security monitoring and real-time big data analysis. Feitian Mirror is a big data-based security analysis and operation platform that is designed for data centers and critical information systems. With threat identification capacity based on full traffic DPI, it supports log parsing and restoring for over 300 security appliances and operating systems. The availability of the two products in form of SaaS in Alibaba Cloud significantly improves DBAPPSecurity's service delivery to the general public and SMEs.
As the number one cloud provider in China, Alibaba Cloud, an equivalent to AWS in China, develops highly scalable cloud computing and data management services for over 1,800,000 customers worldwide, providing both large and small international businesses, financial institutions, governments and other organizations with flexible, cost-effective solutions for networking and IT needs.