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G20 Cybersecurity Experts from DBAPPSecurity Honored by Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau

Recently DBAPPSecurity received an official letter of appreciation from Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau. In the letter the Bureau expressed its appreciation for DBAPPSecurity excellent contribution of cybersecurity support during G20 Summit, and decided to issue honorary certificates and medals to 32 outstanding professional experts from DBAPPSecurity.

Honorary Certificates

Honorary Medals

As the major technical support force of G20 Summit, DBAPPSecurity attached significant importance to the cybersecurity support tasks, and deployed sophisticated protection measures under the unified leadership of G20 Summit Organization Committee. According to the monitor statistics of Storm Center, a security situation awareness platform powered by big data technique, during G20 Summit, DBAPPSecurity has successfully mitigated 33 million attacks from 41 countries and regions against critical G20 Summit systems, and discovered 438 critical security vulnerabilities. In DBAPPSecuritys cybersecurity support service coverage, zero security accident or service interruption occurred during the summit.

DBAPPSecurity is the technical support force that is awarded the most honorary medals, highlighting its contribution to the success of G20 summit.