MatriXay Database Vulnerability Scanner
A recent study conducted by Ponemon Institute LLC in May 2013 showed that in data breach incidents, the average number of breached records was 23,647. German and U.S. companies had the most costly data breaches ($199 and $188 per record, respectively).
These countries also experienced the highest total cost (U.S. at $5.4 million and Germany at $4.8 million). On average, Australian and U.S. companies had data breaches that resulted in the greatest number of exposed or compromised records (34,249 and 28,765 records, respectively).
DDBAPPSecurity Database Vulnerability Scanner (DAS-DBScan) is a professional assessment tool designed with patented technology, and allows Software Developers and security Professionals to fully identify the potential security threats, then helps them to evaluate and manage database security risks.