Database Audit And Risk Control System
Produce Overview
DBAPPSecurity database auditor (DAS-DBAuditor) is the world first database auditing tool providing fine-grained auditing, precise behavior backtracking, risk management, It is independently researched by DBAPPSecurity with years of database security
knowledge and experience and in compliances with all kinds of laws and regulations( such as SOX,PCI, etc).

DAS database auditor resolves security issues such as "over-privileged operations, abuse of authority,misappropriation of authority" in company's core database and is in compliances with all kinds of laws and regulations by its hardware audit work patterns and flexible audit policy configuration. It supports all industry’s major database including Oracle, MS-SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, and Informix. DAS-DBAuditor enables users to enhance the transparency of the database surveillance and reduce the audit laboring cost as well as visualize database running, monitor daily operations, control dangerous operation, audit all activities and trace security incidents.

Integrity: The unique three-layer audit can audit application layer, middle layer and data layer.
Fine-grained: The auditing rules, behavior searching and risk control are all fine-grained.
Effectiveness: Unique and patented technologies can control all types of risks in database effectively (attack risks, management risks). Flexible and auditing rules satisfy demands of internal controls and external audits (illegal behavior such as wrong operation, unauthorized actions and malicious operations can be effectively controlled.)
Fairness: The independent monitoring audit work pattern realizes the separation of database management and auditing and ensures the authenticity, integrity, fairness of the auditing results.
Zero Risk: The using of bypass deployment pattern achieves zero-risk without changing the existing network architecture and database configuration.
High Reliability: Provide multi-layer physical protection, power-off protection, self-monitoring and redundant deployment so as to enhance the reliability to 99.9999%.