Offer the security services remotely
DBAPPSecurity IT security services are performed by experienced professionals using proven methods and techniques. Our services have helped clients uncover network and application weaknesses and exploitable vulnerabilities. The insights resulting from
DBAPPSecurity assessment services will provide you with the knowledge to make your IT environment more secure.
        Our services can be any combination of generic vulnerability scanning, penetration testing specific on examination of the source code, or computer forensics and system incident responses as separate SaaS project.
Security Service Principles
All implementing based on international criterions
  BS 7799: 2-2002, ISO/IEC7799, ISO/IEC TR13335, OWASP TOP 10, OWASP
  Risk Rating Methodology
Services Strictly Controllable
  Persons, Processes, and Tools Strictly Under Control
Minimizes Impacts In Overall Processing
Maximizes Client’s Investment
Advantage of Our Security Service
All aspects and in-depth detection with 0% false positive detailed reports Good technical support
Professional and
experienced engineers
The best services with the reasonable cost